Cultural Cruises Europe was founded by a group of passionate sailors, and savvy businessmen, boat-builders and tour guide operators who saw a gap in the market for a premium boat tour offering.

Creating a holiday experience

Their vision was firmly fixed from the moment CCE was formed on creating a holiday experience for their guests that not only showcased the charm and beauty of Europe, but that also gave them an opportunity to experience its culture in the most authentic way possible.

Special care and attention for each guest

With a focus on groups of no more than 40 guests at a time, CCE’s tours (which change from season to season) have proven wildly popular. The attention to detail that goes into everything from the planning of the tours to the building of the boats, the preparation of each meal to the special care and attention each guest receives are some of the features that set CCE apart from anything else on the market.

A brand of Boat Bike Tours

Cultural Cruises Europe is a brand of Boat Bike Tours BV a leading cycling cruises tour operator. Boat Bike Tours BV will handle all bookings on behalf of Cultural Cruises Europe BV.