Safe and pleasant travel in times of Covid-19

Developments season 2020

Update September 24, 2020

On September 16, 2020, Germany and Belgium classified the Dutch provinces of North and South Holland and, from September 23, 2020, the province Utrecht as well as COVID-19 risk areas. It is a great pity that we already must end our season so early. We look forward to being there for our guests again in 2021. Thank you for your trust and stay safe!

Earlier updates

After many months of waiting, our tours with our sister company Boat Bike Tours started again on Saturday, June 20 under a sunny sky! We’re so happy that we can finally welcome guests back on board and take them to all the beautiful destinations on our cultural (cycling) cruise holidays. It’s wonderful to be active and enjoying the great outdoors.

Traveling in Europe

Fortunately, the Covid-19 situation in northwestern Europe is under control and travel between most European countries is possible again. Most countries have lifted their lockdown measures to a large extent and social and economic activities have been resumed. Only a few travel restrictions are still in place. You can find the latest update here.

Corona protocol

Of course, we’re very aware of the need to go carefully and take every precaution along the way. That’s why our Corona Protocol ensures health and safety measures on all our tours. We’ve done a lot of careful planning and are closely cooperating with local and government authorities to be able to restart safely.

Corona Protocol

What’s it like on the first cycling tours?

To find out, we asked guests for feedback and spoke with tour leaders. We were delighted to hear many positive reactions, with guests saying how comfortable they felt and how happy they were to travel again. We’re really dedicated to providing a dream vacation for our guests – when they’re ready for it. And whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here for you.

Want to get a sense of the vacation vibe with us? Here’s a video of our first tours of the season. Take a look to see how guests experienced their long-awaited vacation!

Enthusiastic reactions

This is what our first guests say:

We were the first guests who were allowed to make the trip despite corona and can highly recommend the tour. The hygiene measures were convincing, one felt safe at all times without being significantly impaired. The Wapen fan Fryslân is a great ship with a lot of comfort. The cook Alex is outstanding, she surprised us again and again with her creative compositions. Thank you very much for a wonderful week!
Helga and Frank, Sail & Bike Wadden Sea Tour

Travelogue from the start of the season

Tour leaders Ilse and Francien are so happy to be on the road again. They talk about their experiences leading one of the first trips on the Best of Holland Tour, and why a boat bike vacation is the perfect way to travel these days.

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Itching for a spontaneous trip?

We’re offering some wonderful last-minute travel deals on Boat Bike Tours. Prefer to wait? There’s always our 2021 tours to look forward to.

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