We are adapting to the coronavirus situation and are currently setting up new safety measures on our tours. Learn more on our Adapting to Coronavirus page.

Adapting to the coronavirus

How we’re developing new safety measures for our tours

Do you have questions about a booking? Please take a look at our coronavirus FAQ page.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) caught the world by surprise, and for many of us it has turned life upside down.

At Cultural Cruises Europe we are realistic about the coronavirus situation. It’s becoming clear that a return to normal life will be slow, at least in the short term. Lockdown measures may ease, but many social distancing requirements will probably need to stay in place. Long-distance travel, for example, may take a while to resume, while local travel may be possible sooner – if the success of lockdown measures continues.

We are adapting to this new situation and are working hard to create a safer travel environment for our guests and staff, and to facilitate social distancing on our tours. We are currently preparing for the moment when the Dutch government says it is safe enough to operate tours again in the Netherlands. This also applies other European countries where we operate tours, such as Belgium, Germany and France.

We hope that by following government measures, avoiding risk and practicing careful optimism that we can start offering our much-loved tours again.

Current situation in the Netherlands (Last update: 4 May, 2020)
The most important factors are:

  • In the Netherlands the virus has peaked. If we continue to follow measures then it will continue to decline.
  • Dutch primary schools will reopen in early May.
  • Many travel restrictions are still in place, such as no overseas flights.
  • The Dutch government has not announced yet that travel tours in the Netherlands can resume.
  • Social distancing requirements will need to stay in place for some time.
  • Our tours may be a little different from usual; we will have to adjust certain parts of the program and find creative solutions for city walks and tour briefings.
  • Despite these factors, planning a trip (when it is safe to travel) to get outside and into nature can be very uplifting.

New safety measures at Boat Tours
We are introducing new measures on our tours and ships to enable a safe stay for everyone. Some of the main precautions are:

  • Giving extra attention to hygiene with disinfection stations and extra cleaning
  • Facilitating social distancing in all public areas
  • Dining in two sittings, to allow for more space per person
  • Plate service at all meals including breakfast (instead of buffets)
  • Clear house rules per ship to ensure a safe environment for guests and staff

Why a boat tour is a safer way to travel

On our tours, the ship serves as a floating hotel for a small number of passengers. Your accommodation doesn’t change for the entire trip, so you don’t need to worry about different cleaning standards at each location. You are with the same group for the whole tour and you’re outside in the fresh air every single day. While you’re out, the ship will be cleaned thoroughly daily. In this way we’re supporting a safer approach to travel, with more focus on cleanliness, being outdoors and avoiding busy places.

We know that the coronavirus and safety are very much on the minds of our travelers. Our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff. We’ll continue to keep you informed and to offer as much help and advice as we can.

This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Please check in again when you need an update, or see our  FAQ page for answers to questions about bookings.

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