Happy new year and welcome into the new decade! Here in the Netherlands, we entered 2020 with traditionally exuberant fireworks. At our Cultural Cruises Europe office, we’re looking forward to another year of river-bound cultural adventures and experiential tours.


As it turns out, the way we’ve been doing things all along is completely in sync with the travel trends of the new decade. Here are some travel trend highlights that you can expect to see more of in the 2020s:


Diving in!

Forget the hasty checklists of the 1990s and the 2000s. Immersive and experiential travel is a much better way to explore foreign cultures. It’s the only way, really, if you ask us. That’s why we plan the itineraries of our tours thematically and make sure to include both highlights and treasured, but hidden, gems.

Prepare for boutique-quality comfort in an informal setting

In 2020, cruises that require formal attire are a trend of yesteryear. And so are budget spartan-style river cruises. Feel free to be yourself, and still be pampered. All our Magnifique ships are refined custom-built vessels designed for ultimate luxury comfort.

You travel your way

We work hard to offer you thoroughly considered itineraries and expert tour leaders, but it’s your vacation, and we believe that you should enjoy it your way. This means you can always decide to follow a guide or explore a city on your own, choose to walk or cycle, or to even skip an on-shore tour and enjoy an afternoon on deck while we sail to the next destination.

Any season is travel season

Travel season is another concept we are happy to have outgrown by 2020. Because every period is spectacular in its own way. And since the jacuzzi on deck is an indulgence not restricted to the summer months, you’ll never have to wait long for another cruise.

Welcome to 2020 and have a wonderful year full of new (travel) experiences!