Seasoned travelers will often have their essentials and treasured routines they adhere to on all ventures into foreign lands, whether handy packing techniques for city hopping, preferred guides to determine itineraries or detective strategies for finding the hidden local gems. But a river cruise in the Netherlands is really a different boat game.

A view that follows you

Your hotel room and restaurant will literally follow you all the way. Not only will it spare you the constant checking in and out, but your breakfast view will never be the same. It also means that when you decide to skip the culture tour for a day and stay on board with your feet up and a glass in hand, you will still be gracefully floating to your next destination.

And in terms of comfort, no cruise beats a river cruise. River barges, and this is essentially what our ships are, are considerably smaller than sea cruise ships, meaning uncompromised comfort, premium quality and a whole lot of personal attention from the staff.

Curious to see our hotel fleet? Take a look at our ships Magnifique II, III and IV here.

Gastronomic adventure

Forget the constant “where shall we have breakfast/lunch/dinner” dilemma. River cruise ships are equipped with restaurant-quality kitchens, and world-class chefs will happily relieve you of this worry.

Since a river cruise ship regularly docks at new harbors, no long-term stocking or salt-curing is involved. Fresh and local ingredients are delivered to the galley every single day. The chefs onboard our Magnifique fleet are Dutch cuisine enthusiasts ready to treat your taste buds to a full-blown gastronomic tour of the Lowlands.

Great Company

Friendships based on shared experiences may be some of the deepest in our life. Besides, sharing a deck with a group of fellow travelers is destined to spark some beautiful conversations. Especially when a shared interest in culture and a relaxed setting of the river cruise ship are your starting points.

During all cruises, our professional guides, passionate about their trade and field, will be feeding your curiosity. Since they too will always be on board, the fascinating history and culture discussions often continue all the way through dinner and drinks.

So where are you going?

Luxury accommodation, culture- and history-filled itineraries to feed your mind, sophisticated and nourishing food to keep you going, and heartwarming company – are perfect ingredients for a memorable holiday. And during a Cultural Cruise, we’ll take care of all of them.

There is one crucial thing though, and that is choosing your route. And it is, of course, entirely up to you. Take a look at the Cultural Cruises available and the ships serving them and let us know where you’d like to start.