Before we kick off this blog, let’s make one thing clear. Did we just..? Yes, we did. We referenced a Ricky Martin song to describe our Wealth of Culture tour. No, it’s not really about naked dancing in the rain, but there are so many reasons to get excited about,  the jingle just keeps coming up.

Reason No. 1: For nine days we take care of everything but charging your camera batteries.

We all know it. The pressure to super-load your holiday with all the sights and experiences possible. When anxiety to miss an important highlight or a majestic view and the hunt for the stories to bring home exhaust you to such an extent, you actually need another holiday to recover. 

If you just recognised yourself here, our Wealth of Culture tour is the answer you’ve been looking for. Packed with enough attractions (over 20 in total) it will leave you feeling that you’ve missed nothing of the authentic Dutch culture. 

We will take all the hard work out of figuring out an itinerary and rushing you from one place to the next. Leaving you the essential tasks only – relaxing as we drift along the canals and strolling through cobbled medieval streets, safe in the knowledge that you aren’t missing anything.

The end result? A holiday experience that perfectly balances seeing an abundance of magnificent sights with actually being able to relax and unwind. Just make sure you charge your camera batteries ;-)

Reason No. 2: One town. A thousand architectural monuments.

Popular tourist cities like Amsterdam and Bruges get a lot of attention and while our Wealth of Culture tour begins in one and ends in the other, we’ve also made sure to include some lesser-known cities that deserve equal attention. Case in point: Dordrecht.

Next year (2020) marks the 800th anniversary since Dordrecht was granted city rights. This makes it the oldest city in the province of South Holland! In these 800-odd years, Dordrecht has amassed a rich, unique culture that is both charming, endearing and more than a little weird. Just ask any of the locals about the legend of the two men who tried to disguise a sheep as a man in order to smuggle it into the city without paying taxes…

It is a city gilded with many churches, adorned with a windmill from 1612 and a 600-year-old City Hall. It also boasts seven museums, including one dedicated entirely to sewing machines, and over 20 yearly cultural events and festivals.

Reason No. 3: Visit the home of one of the most influential artists of the Flemish Baroque tradition

The Rubenshuis in Antwerp is a deceptive building. It’s exterior, as seen from the Wapper, is much like the other townhouses that flank it. It probably didn’t change much since the painter Peter Paul Rubens bought it in 1610.

But a stroll of its interior courtyard will transport you 500 years back to an Italian palazzo. This has been the home of Peter Paul Reubens, whose body of work is defined by emphases on movement, colour and sensuality. He specialised in making historic paintings of allegorical and mythological subjects, as well as portraits, landscapes and altarpieces.

Besides being a work of art in itself (no wonder, as Reubens himself, designed it), the Rubenshuis boasts many of the artist’s original work and includes pieces by his contemporaries.

The baroque garden that the courtyard opens into, also designed by the painter himself – is too well worth a visit.

There are, of course, countless other reasons to book our Wealth of Culture tour. For a full breakdown of what to expect as you make your way from bustling Amsterdam to breath-taking Bruges, have a look at the day-by-day itinerary of this unforgettable tour here.

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