On this page you will find all of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). All the information you might need to prepare for your trip, can be found on the Travel Preparation page.
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Corona virus

Will Cultural Cruises Europe resume operations?

Yes! After many months of waiting, our cycling tours with our sister company Boat Bike Tours started again on Saturday June 20, under a sunny sky! We’re so happy that we can finally welcome guests back on board and take them to all the beautiful destinations on our cruising holidays. It’s wonderful to be active and enjoying the great outdoors. We hope to resume operations with Cultural Cruises Europe again in October 2020.

Why is a river cruise a safe way to travel?

On our tours, the ship serves as a floating hotel for a small number of passengers. Your accommodation – the Magnifique II, Magnifique III or Magnifique IV – remains the same for the entire trip, so you don’t need to worry about different cleaning standards at each location. You are with the same group for the whole tour and each day you’re outside visiting the best sites. While you’re out, the ship will be cleaned thoroughly. In this way we’re supporting a safer approach to travel, with more focus on cleanliness, being outdoors and avoiding busy places.

What safety measures is Cultural Cruises Europe taking for future tours?

Cultural Cruises Europe works under a comprehensive Corona Protocol for (cycling) cruises. You can find the complete Corona protocol on the Corona Protocol page. For more information on “Safe and pleasant travel in times of Covid-19”, visit our Corona Virus Update page.

Main features are:

  • Even more attention to hygiene on board: disinfection columns, etc. are being set up. In addition, contact surfaces are disinfected and cleaning is carried out even more often.
  • Public areas on board are arranged in such a way that sufficient distance can be kept.
  • Buffets are no longer offered; instead: table/plate service.
  • For meals, guests may be divided into two separate groups that enjoy meals on board one after the other. So, there is more space available per person.
  • During guided trips you can walk with our tour guide in small groups and with sufficient distance between the individual participants.
  • If you do not want the crew to come into your cabin to clean it (daily), you can indicate this (“cleaning on request”).
What happens if a (fellow) guest on board is sick?

In this case we will immediately ask them to avoid any contact with other guests. We will also immediately contact the local health authority to assist the guest. Tour leaders and crew are trained first aiders. Our ships are permanently located in areas with direct access to high-quality medical care.

What does Cultural Cruises Europe expect from their guests?
  • Cultural Cruises Europe expects that you act responsibly by assessing whether you are healthy enough to travel, shortly before check-in. If you develop symptoms that might indicate a Covid-19 infection within the last 48 hours before you embark, you cannot embark and we kindly ask you to postpone your tour. In that case, Cultural Cruises Europe can change your booking to a later date, free of charge. Before you check in, we will ask you to fill out a short health questionnaire and to present it at check-in. If there are any doubts about your health, the crew may ask you to be examined or even not to come on board. In this case, too, Cultural Cruises Europe can of course change your booking to a later date free of charge.
  • We expect you to respect the house rules. of your ship. Unfortunately, Corona has not disappeared from our daily lives and together we must ensure that everyone remains healthy. The house rules mainly relate to personal hygiene and a few behavioral rules on board. In addition, the crew on board and the tour guide on board provide explanations and are always available to answer your questions.
Will you take extra safety + hygiene measures during the tours?

We have already instructed all ship operators, tour leaders and suppliers to take additional safety measures regarding hygiene, disinfection and general health on board including (among other things):

  • Strict performance of standard hygiene procedures on board
  • Additional disinfection measures performed on a continuous basis during the tours
  • Obligatory disinfection of the hands for crew and guest (minimally before entering the ship and before and after every meal)
  • Avoidance of physical contact (including shaking hands) during the tour
  • Additional cleaning protocols
  • All meals individually served (no buffets)
  • Special instructions in health + safety guidelines onboard will be given to all our guests on the first day of the tour.
  • We will carefully observe and act in compliance with all instructions given by the Dutch or (in other countries) other national Government and Health Authorities.

Please also check updates on our Coronavirus update page.


Life aboard our ships

How large is the group on board?

This depends on the ship you are traveling on. Most of the smaller vessels (with a maximum capacity of 20) will be completely full during the season. The larger ships (with a maximum capacity of approx. 120) will be filled for about 80-90% on most tours.

What are the cabins like?

We have a large spectrum of cabin types; varying from lower deck twins to upper deck superior suites. Please check out the ships’ pages to find out more out the cabin types.

Is Wi-Fi available on the ships?

Yes. On all of our ships there is Wi-Fi. Check out all information about ‘Internet aboard the ships‘ in our Travel Prep.

Is smoking on board allowed?

Smoking in your cabin, in the public areas – such as the restaurant, bar and lounge – is not allowed. On most of the ships, you can smoke on deck on designated smoking areas. On a few ships smoking is banned on the entire ship.


Place of departure

How do I get to the place of departure and is this transfer included?

After booking your holiday, we will send you detailed information on how to travel to your destination by car, train or aircraft, and how to reach your ship’s mooring location. You will receive information on where to park your car. At some destinations you can reserve a parking space in advance or how you can arrange a transfer.

Please read more about ‘Travel to destination‘ in our Travel Prep.


Trip information

Which countries do the participants come from?

We have travelers from all over the world: from Scandinavia to South-Africa, from Australia to Canada, from Russia to Brazil and from China to the US. Also we have welcomed lots of European travelers.