Our tour leaders 

We have them in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and areas of interest. All of our tour leaders are enthusiastic, cordial, flexible, well trained, and multi-lingual – all speak English, German and Dutch, some speak French or Italian, too. They are responsible for the logistical and organizational aspects of our tours.

Our tour leaders are also the first contact person for all guests and (during a fully-guided tour) will guide you during cycling. Every evening after dinner, he or she discusses the next day’s ride, answers questions, shares some tips, and tells you where to find the best spots for a break or for visiting local attractions.

See more about the role of a tour leader here.

  • Arie Arfman

    Arie Arfman

    I have been working with Boat Bike Tours for quite some seasons. I am a …

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  • Bert Houtenbos

    Bert Houtenbos

    I’m Bert, I was born in the Netherlands and I’m living partly in Holland and …

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  • Felix Tan

    Felix Tan

    Travel with me and experience the country, the people and the culture through the eyes …

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  • Francien van der Lee

    Francien van der Lee

    As long as I can remember I have been an enthusiastic biker. I have three …

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  • Fred van Leeuwen

    Fred van Leeuwen

    I’m guiding bike tours for several years now, previous ive been working as a sales …

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  • Gijsbert Valstar

    Gijsbert Valstar

    Cycling holidays with my parents (a long time ago as a kid) inspired me to …

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  • Guus Venderbosch

    Guus Venderbosch

    Since a few years I have been guiding the tours between Amsterdam and Bruges. The …

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  • Hester van Vliet

    Hester van Vliet

    Taking a cycling trip is the best thing in the world! You see everyday life …

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  • Hilde Beijer

    Hilde Beijer

    “I picture broad rivers, meandering through unending lowland, rows of incredibly lanky poplars, huge plums …

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  • Ilse Janneman

    Ilse Janneman

    Riding a bike makes me feel good. There is no better way to see, feel …

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  • Lia van Zaal

    Lia van Zaal

    Sporty, energetic and creative are three key words I would use to describe myself; qualities …

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  • Marcel Schoehuijs

    Marcel Schoehuijs

    Boat Bike Tours offers me the ideal combination of purely pleasurable activities: biking, boating and …

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  • Margriet Andela

    Margriet Andela

    During the day I’ll show my guests the highlights of the tour: where to eat …

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  • Marianne Barth

    Marianne Barth

    In my opinion, cycling is the most fantastic way to explore your surroundings, and to …

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  • Margreet Klijn

    Margreet Klijn

    Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Margreet: mother of two adult children who are studying …

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  • Marja van Leeuwen

    Marja van Leeuwen

    What is so beautiful about cycling through the Netherlands, are the different impressions that you …

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  • Michiel van der Ark

    Michiel van der Ark

    What started as a year of backpacking through North America, turned into a lifelong passion …

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  • Mijntje Janssen Steenberg

    Mijntje Janssen Steenberg

    “The Dutch are born on a bike!” I often hear guests say. Hello everyone, I …

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  • Nel den Boer

    Nel den Boer

    Traveling, sailing and cycling are my passions! That is why the unique concept of Boat …

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  • Nico van Es

    Nico van Es

    It’s a FAQ as a guide; which route is best? I reply – in all …

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  • Peter Verstraten

    Peter Verstraten

    Before being a tour leader for Boat Bike Tours I was a city guide in …

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  • Rikko Bulten

    Rikko Bulten

    When I turned 40, I decided to change my working life in the public housing …

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  • Sandra de Jonker

    Sandra de Jonker

    After a career as executive secretary and management assistant I switched to the hospitality branch, …

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  • Tamara Veenendaal

    Tamara Veenendaal

    I’m Tamara, also known as Tamy, and I’m half Dutch and half Italian. I’ve been …

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  • Thomas Wuts

    Thomas Wuts

    I started as a tour guide in 1998, fascinated by what I consider the ideal …

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  • Tom Stout

    Tom Stout

    It is fun to see a new group of travelers of all ages and nationalities …

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